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KLV-Airedale-rc15, a Frugal Install Derivative of Void Linux

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2023 4:07 pm
by rockedge
I am part of a team that has put together a Void Linux based and fully upstream compatible derivative called KLV-Airedale-rc15. This distro is built using the FirstRib build system which more information is available for at
KLV = "Kennel Linux Void"

KLV is similar to Puppy Linux in it's flexibility utilizing different installation medium and boot methods and is a frugal installation layered file system constructed from modular SFS squash files.

KLV is completely Void Linux compatible and is currently offered with a Void Linux kernel 6.1.20_1

I am very glad to be on this forum and with a recent discovery that smbclient is broken in the most recent repo version and would like to talk about a fix!