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I copied the uptime of my core switch last night in my house during an extended power failure. It made it to 1 full (leap) year, to the day before the UPS battery drained. I shut down the servers right away and tried to get the 2 UPSes to last to keep the switch online, but it only made it about an hour into the 4 hour blackout.

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pid1@zenith ~ % ssh sw1
(pid1@sw1) Password:
SSH@sw1#show ver
  Copyright (c) 1996-2016 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    UNIT 1: compiled on Apr 23 2020 at 13:17:12 labeled as FCXR08030u
                (10545591 bytes) from Primary FCXR08030u.bin
        SW: Version 08.0.30uT7f3 
  Boot-Monitor Image size = 370695, Version:10.1.00T7f5 (grz10100)
  HW: Stackable ICX6610-48-HPOE
UNIT 1: SL 1: ICX6610-48P POE 48-port Management Module
         Serial  #: BXP2502J2B8
         License: ICX6610_ADV_ROUTER_SOFT_PACKAGE   (LID: dzrHKFHlHdN)
         P-ENGINE  0: type E02B, rev 01
         P-ENGINE  1: type E02B, rev 01
UNIT 1: SL 2: ICX6610-QSFP 10-port 160G Module
UNIT 1: SL 3: ICX6610-8-port Dual Mode(SFP/SFP+) Module
  800 MHz Power PC processor 8544E (version 0021/0023) 400 MHz bus
65536 KB flash memory
  512 MB DRAM
STACKID 1  system uptime is 366 day(s) 6 hour(s) 10 minute(s) 51 second(s) 
The system started at 18:09:36 Eastern Sun Apr 09 2023

 The system : started=warm start         reloaded=by "reload"     

I forgot how quiet my (very unfinished) basement is without an enterprise switch and 2 servers running.
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