void-installer missing

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void-installer missing

Post by starxultra »

I booted up the live image for the rpi4
it boots up and i can use bash commands and xbps-install
However if run void installer it says command not found
Please help me!
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Re: void-installer missing

Post by pid1 »

Just to be clear, you run the command void-installer to initiate the installation script, correct?

For what it's worth, you are also entirely able to install Void Linux from any working Linux environment using chroot if you are familiar with its use. You must manually partition and format your disk(s), then download and untar the base system of your architecture, mount the appropriate virtual filesystems of /proc, /sys, /dev, and chroot into the environment. If detailed instructions are needed I can work those out for you. Hopefully in your case it is a simple issue of the command having been typed incorrectly for an easy fix.
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